What Is Toughened Glass and Why Is It Useful for Your Business? 

Running a successful, legally-compliant business means looking after the security and safety of your premises, personnel and visitors. And choosing the right glass for your company can have a big impact on these factors. In this article, we’ll explore a type of safety glass known as toughened glass, along with its uses and benefits for your business. 

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What Is Toughened Glass?

Simply put, toughened glass is a type of high-strength safety glass, and is five times stronger than standard glass. Toughened glass is also called tempered glass due to the way it’s manufactured, with the glass undergoing extreme heat followed by extreme cooling. The result is a high breakage resistance and high thermal resistance which makes it ideal for use in businesses to enhance safety and security. 

All toughened, curved toughened and heatsoaked glass supplied by the team here at Lee Glass is fully British Standard Kite-Marked to the relevant standard (BS EN 12150, BS ISO 11485-3:2014 & BS EN 14179).

3 Key Benefits of Toughened Glass for Your Business

  • Breaks into smaller, blunter pieces: It takes a lot of force to break toughened glass – but when it does break, it shatters into blunt pieces, and not shards. This is altogether much safer for employees and guests alike, not to mention much easier to sweep up and dispose of. 
  • Enhances security: The sheer strength and durability of toughened glass put it head and shoulders above ordinary glass, making it a robust option for commercial and domestic applications alike. 
  • Thermal resistance: Thanks to the tempering process used to create it, toughened glass enjoys a high thermal resistance, making it the go-to glass for kitchen splashbacks and worktops. 

Where Can You Use Toughened Glass in Your Business?

  • Stairs and balustrades: Make a great first impression to clients with glass stairs and balustrades, perfect for any commercial premises wanting to present a professional, modern appearance. The strength of toughened glass makes it suited for this application, and balustrades can be bespoke-made, with curved options available for a unique touch.  
  • Splashbacks, worktops, shower screens: Hotels, bars, spas and other leisure or catering spaces require easy-wipe, hygienic glass that is robust against breakage – and toughened glass can offer exactly this. From shower screens, kitchen worktops or splashbacks for bathrooms and kitchens, your premises can enjoy this high-performance glass in a variety of applications. 
  • Office partitions: Glass brings a clean, professional look to any office. Section up your office in a modern way with toughened glass partitions, boasting both style and safety. These additions also allow natural light to filter through to all areas of the office, helping increase positivity and productivity among staff members. 
  • UV bonded display cases: Unique UV bonding, combined with strong toughened glass, gives you the benefit of a strong, sturdy display. The adhesive is transparent, cured under UV light, eliminating the need for visual fitting and fixtures to give you a seamless finish. These cases are hand-crafted to customers’ exact specifications. 

So, Should I Get Toughened Glass for My Business

Safety glass is a must for any business looking for durable, impact-resistant glass to improve the safety, security and professional appearance of their premises and toughened glass is just one example of high-performance glass that can benefit your business. 

Established over 50 years ago, Lee Glass is Nottingham’s premier glass company. We custom-make glass products to suit your business, so whether you’re searching for toughened glass mirrors for a dance studio or curved balustrades for a hotel lobby, we have a wide range of glass ideal for a variety of applications. Simply discuss your needs with our glaziers who will pinpoint the right product for you.