Why Choose a Glass Shower Screen?

23rd November 2021

As the name suggests, a shower screen has a practical duty to prevent water from spraying all over the bathroom when the…

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glass shower screen

The Benefits of Glass Kitchen Countertops

27th October 2021

When we think about materials for kitchen countertops, we often only think about real wood or granite surfaces. Traditionally…

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Glass kitchen countertops

How To Protect Greenhouse Glass

16th August 2021

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have turned to our gardens to pass the time – which includes gardening and growing…

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Non-shatter glass pane

What Is Toughened Glass and Why Is It Useful for Your Business? 

5th November 2020

In this article, we’ll explore a type of safety glass known as toughened glass, along with its uses and benefits for your…

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