How To Protect Greenhouse Glass

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have turned to our gardens to pass the time – which includes gardening and growing our own produce. As more people get greater satisfaction and peace from nurturing plants, we’re likely to see permanent greenhouses spring up in gardens across the UK.

However, greenhouse glass can be vulnerable to the elements, which is why you need to know how to protect it.

Greenhouse glass: replacing panes of greenhouse glass

Protecting your greenhouse from wind

Storms and windy weather are a common occurrence here in the UK. To minimise the chance of your greenhouse buckling under gales, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure your greenhouse is properly and firmly built, and is level in the ground. A shoddy build is likely to reduce its structural integrity, making it weaker in the face of high winds.
  • Ensure all fixings into the ground are sturdy and that there are multiple fixing points.
  • Make sure glazing seals are present and in good quality to help windproof your greenhouse.
  • Check on the glazing clips and double up if necessary – you can add further strength with sealants, too.
  • Check for any gaps in the frame. If there are, then make sure they are covered with sealant or taped up.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast and if a storm is afoot, make sure all doors and windows are firmly locked.
  • The glass itself should be free of blemishes and cracks – so if you’re putting off replacing broken, damaged or missing glass panes, do it sooner rather than later to avoid exacerbating the problem when a storm hits. Here at Lee Glass, we provide made-to-measure greenhouse glass to restore your greenhouse back to full health.

Protect greenhouse from the sun

For the contents of a greenhouse to thrive, it needs plenty of sun. However, you don’t want to overheat your plants in summer either – so how do you strike a balance and how do you protect your greenhouse from the sun while still letting in enough natural light?

  • Ensure that your greenhouse is well ventilated, as this will assist plants in coping with harsh heat. Also make sure the ventilation is adequate for your size of greenhouse.
  • Monitor temperatures using a thermometer, and this will enable you to make adjustments accordingly.
  • Blinds, either installed internally or externally, can be a great way of controlling heat and light entry into your greenhouse and they work much the same way that other home shading solutions do.
  • If you’re on a budget then use netting or mesh for shading instead.

Protect greenhouse from frost

Insulation and frost protection are important for plant survival during the winter weather. Here are a few tips to keep your greenhouse free from frost and chill.

  • Replace or repair any broken panes of glass. It’s never been more important to secure the structural integrity of your greenhouse than in winter. Also seal up any gaps.
  • During the bitterly cold months, you can use bubble wrap or another insulative material to pad out the walls and ceiling of your greenhouse to give it that extra layer of protection.
  • Ensure that the glass you use is of the highest quality. Companies such as Lee Glass will use highly durable toughened greenhouse glass to ensure superb structural integrity and to withstand the elements.

Protect greenhouse from footballs

Rogue footballs can be a bane of the delicate greenhouse. Whether you have kids of your own, or rather over-enthusiastic neighbours, your precious glass can become an unintentional target for footballs, especially in summer. So how can you minimise the risk of breakage?

  • The best step you can take is to build your greenhouse, or replace the glass panes with toughened glass which is five times stronger than standard glass. This glass type is specially designed to be durable and withstand a large amount of force without breaking – and if it does break, toughened glass does not shatter, making it a much safer option.
Protect greenhouse glass: non-shatter pane of greenhouse glass

Lee Glass are the go-to bespoke glass provider for Nottinghamshire. With over 50 years’ experience as a family-run company, we’re known for our made-to-measure service and high-quality glass – including replacement greenhouse glass panes, or glass for full greenhouses. Simply get in touch and we’ll make sure your glass is the perfect fit.