Top Energy-Efficient Windows FAQs

26th October 2023

A societal shift towards greener living has seen more and more homeowners choosing eco-friendly products by way of leading…

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double glazed windows installed in Nottingham home

How do you know your double glazing needs replacing?

22nd September 2023

Broken or damaged double glazing can significantly impact the thermal efficiency of your home. Perished window seals cause…

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rain on a window

How Replacing Double Glazing Can Save You Money

7th November 2022

Replacing double glazing cost-effectively Providing the window frames are in good working order, replacing broken double…

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double glazed window in bedroom with large double bed

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Secondary Double Glazing for Your Home

1st October 2019

Everyone needs an energy-efficient, secure and comfortable home, but when you want to add an extra layer to your current…

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Does Double Glazing Save You Money on Your Heating Bill?

30th January 2019

Double glazed windows have soared in popularity over the past few decades, prompting those with single glazed windows to…

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can double glazing save you money on your heating bill?