How Replacing Double Glazing Can Save You Money

Replacing double glazing cost-effectively

Providing the window frames are in good working order, replacing broken double glazing units can be a cost-effective solution to window replacement services. In addition to fixing the windows, replacing double glazing with better quality high specification units can actually save homeowners money in the long run too. This is because double glazing glass units such as the ones we supply at Lee Glass and Glazing can save homeowners considerable money when it comes to heating bills. 

So what makes a good quality double glazing unit? 

Whilst the quality of the glass itself is an important factor to take into consideration when looking at double glazing glass replacement, it’s also important to look at the seal. The seal quality is something that is commonly overlooked by customers which can sometimes lead to people investing in replacement double glazing that doesn’t guarantee the longevity you’d expect. Poorly sealed double glazing can allow for condensation build up, and as a result, lead to mould issues in and around the window unit too. High quality sealed double glazed units from Lee Glass and Glazing Nottingham will provide you with protection against cold and condensation all year round. 

New fitted UPVc double glazed frames

If you are looking for frames for your double glazed frames, Lee Glass and Glazing are always on hand to help. Top quality A-rated frames made with great attention to detail will ensure your windows tick all the boxes for functionality and aesthetics.

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