6 Reasons Why You Should Get Secondary Double Glazing for Your Home

Everyone needs an energy-efficient, secure and comfortable home, but when you want to add an extra layer to your current glazing, triple glazing can be too expensive and double glazing isn’t quite enough insulation. The solution is secondary double glazing, a cost-effective alternative with a range of benefits.

  • Reduce heat loss

It is especially important in the UK to have the best possible insulation in your home, as it is one of the most effective ways of reducing heat loss and keeping your house comfortable and warm in winter. One of the best ways to do this is with secondary double glazing, as the gap between your primary and secondary glazing creates an air pocket which has an insulating effect. Secondary double glazing can lower the amount of heat escaping through the windows by over 50%. 


  • Eliminate draughts

In old buildings the windows can start to deteriorate and let in cold draughts, which means heat can escape easily and you could experience an uncomfortable, chilly breeze in your house. Installing a secondary layer of double glazing will stop this issue and ensure a draught-proof home. 

  • Suitable for listed buildings

In heritage-listed buildings it is a priority to preserve as much of the original building as you can, but it is still important to create a livable space which isn’t freezing and draughty. Secondary double glazing is perfect for this, as it is a subtle addition to the building but still very effective for reducing heat loss and noise pollution. This glazing does not affect the aesthetic appeal of historic homes because it is simply another pane of glass installed onto an existing window. 

  • Soundproofing

Another one of the main perks of secondary double glazing is the soundproofing, it can reduce noise pollution by up to 80%. The glazing does this by creating another layer of glass on the window, which makes it more difficult for sound waves to get through. As sounds can pass through any small, unnoticed holes, secondary double glazing uses a tightly sealed frame to ensure there are no gaps. 

  • Increased security 

People attempting forced entry into a property usually assume that the windows are a weak spot, but with secondary double glazing, your building will be a more difficult target. Secondary double glazing is securely fixed in a strong aluminium frame, and easily resists a thief’s efforts. The glazing is an extra barrier against break-ins, which is much harder to open than an ordinary window, and due to the time it would take to break in the sound would have raised the alarm anyway. 

  • Energy efficient

In these environmentally conscious times, it is important to reduce our energy usage as much as possible. Also, energy efficiency is useful for your pocket, because when you reduce energy usage you cut down the cost of bills as well. Secondary double glazing is incredibly energy efficient as it insulates the building and lowers heat loss, meaning you don’t have to use as much power to warm up your house. 

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