The Benefits of Patterned Glass for Your Home 

Patterned glass is the perfect balance of beauty and privacy. It offers a desired level of translucency and obscurity while still allowing natural light to diffuse into the room. But is patterned glass right for your home? In this article, we’ll explore this glass type a little more and highlight the key benefits that make it popular with homeowners the world over. 

What is patterned glass? 

Patterned glass is a type of decorative glass which is characterised by textures or patterns embossed onto one or both sides of a glass pane. This makes it translucent and able to diffuse light. Also known as textured glass, its features make it ideal for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and privacy of a home. 

How is patterned glass made? 

Patterned glass is made by feeding molten glass between rollers which bear a negative impression of the desired pattern, which transfers this pattern onto one or both sides of the glass. After rolling, the glass is allowed to cool before being cut into the intended shape. 

What are the benefits of patterned glass? 

  • Beauty: Often we think of glass simply serving a function in the home, when actually it has the potential to be an integral part of interior design. Patterned glass allows you to add a beautiful, personal touch to an otherwise ordinary feature. Whether you opt for flowers, swirls or more abstract patterns, the sheer range of patterned glass options allows you to decorate your home to your tastes – right down to the glass elements. 
  • Privacy: Used as an attractive feature which offers privacy to certain areas of the home, patterned glass is widely used to craft front doors, shower screens or bathroom windows. It’s important to note that patterned glass is not textbook privacy glass, and different types will possess different levels of privacy, obscurity and light admittance. Simply discuss your needs with a glazing expert who can help you pick out the ideal level of privacy for your property, and also show you some samples. 
  • Light transmittance: With patterned glass, you enjoy the benefits of enhanced privacy without sacrificing light admittance. The glass is designed to offer a level of obscurity whilst still allowing plenty of natural light to diffuse into your home. 
  • Customisable: Patterned glass is available in a variety of different patterns and textures to suit your individual tastes – so you can add a pop of personality to your home. You can also choose from several different privacy levels based on your needs, allowing you to nail down the right level of obscurity and light transmittance for you. A professional glazing company will also be able to bespoke-cut the glass to fit your door, window or other glass feature – making it into a truly custom piece for your home. 
  • Range of uses: The privacy element of patterned glass lends itself well to bathroom windows, shower screens, privacy walls, front and back doors – while the decorative aspect makes it ideal for glass features, splashbacks, patio doors and tables. The broad range of uses, along with its beauty and functionality, means that patterned glass can now be found in a variety of places including domestic homes, restaurants, bars, and hotels. 



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