Lake District 10 Peaks Challenge

Danny & Danielle are now safely back home after successfully completing the Lake District 10 Peaks Challenge in under 24 hours!

They started walking at 5am Saturday 25th June, finally completing just before Midnight resulting in just under 20 hours of near continuous hiking through some of England’s most challenging terrain.

In addition to covering over 48km they also reached the peaks of 10 of England’s highest mountains, including Hellvelyn, Scafell Pike, Great Gable, Ill Crag, Dale Head, Bow Fell, High Raise, Great End, Broad Crag and Esk Hause.

Shortly after reaching the summit of their final peak Dale Head, Danny noticed a double rainbow to his right. Even more surprisingly this appeared to frame the shadows of Danny, Danielle and fellow hiker Scott, whose silhouettes all appeared to be contained within this incredible rainbow, creating some sort of spectral apparition which none of them had ever seen before. This stayed in view for a number of minutes as they made their final descent, leaving all of them in awe of what they had witnessed. Below is a photo where if you zoom in closely enough you can see Danielle’s figure in the centre of the rainbow. We have since discovered that this is what is known as a Brocken Spectre, a rare natural optical illusion created when low sun shines behind someone who is looking down into fog from a ridge.