Important Notice: Unauthorized letters being distributed in the Nottingham area


It has been brought to our attention that leaflets are being distributed in the Nottingham area, incorrectly notifying homeowners of the damage that window fed cleaning poles can do to double glazed units. The producer of this leaflet is illegally posing as the Plastics Window Federation, and has also used our names in this publication, along with two other local window companies without prior consent or permission.

In our own professional opinion we cannot see how a window cleaning pole can damage the seals, and as a result do not support or endorse the message. We have also not given permission for our name to be used as part of this publication. We are assisting the Plastics Window Federation in trying to get to the bottom of who has created and distributed these leaflets, so that we can try and ensure that their actions are terminated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0115 9602828 if you would like any further advice or information on this matter.