Why is My Double Glazing Steamed Up? [Infographic]

Smears and drip marks down your clean glass is annoying to say the least, but constant condensation on your double glazing can be symptomatic of much bigger problem. There are many reasons why your double glazing may be steamed up and the first step to remedying your condensation problem is to identify where the condensation is forming. To discover more about double glazing condensation take a look at our guide below. 

Why is My Double Glazing Steamed Up?

Windows are steaming up inside

Condensation on the inside of your windows occurs when moisture from inside your home hits the coldest point of contact, which is usually your windows, and forms condensation. This moisture can come from hanging washing to dry inside your home, cooking or showering and can be an indication of poor ventilation rather than issues with your double glazing. Try opening your windows frequently to improve air-flow and prevent a condensation build up.

External window condensation

Condensation on the outside of your windows is normal, and is actually an indicator that your double glazing is highly energy efficient, keeping the warm air in your home and preventing the temperature dropping to the same conditions that are causing condensation to occur outside.

Condensation between the two panes of glass

Condensation between the panes of glass in your double glazing is a big problem as it means that your double glazing is no longer functioning as it should. Condensation in between your glass panes usually only occurs in old units that need replaced, so If your unit is under 10 years old and showing signs of condensation between the panes, contact Lee Glass & Glazing so that we can help perform a quick, efficient glass replacement service. There are a number of reasons your unit may be developing condensation between the glass, including:

  • Poor installation that left holes around the window seals which allow moisture to collect between the glass. If a unit isn’t installed correctly, this can occur within just 12 months of purchase. To avoid this, you should opt for fully qualified and reviewed fitters. Look for personal recommendations or testimonials of a double glazing company to ensure quality of work
  • Chemical damage can break down the sealant of a window over time, leaving it vulnerable to water seeping through. This damage is usually caused by harsh solvents, oil-based cleaning products or even washing up liquid.

Condensation in double glazing requires specialist help in the accurate measuring and installation of replacement units to ensure your windows are properly insulated. Look no further than Lee Glass and Glazing for a dedicated team of accredited experts to restore your double glazing back to a high standard. What’s more, any double glazed unit supplied and installed by Lee Glass & Glazing comes with a five year guarantee.

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