Benefits of Fire-Rated Glass for Your Business

Restaurant, warehouse, office – whatever type of business you run, protecting the safety of your staff and visitors should be top priority. Fire is one of the biggest safety threats to a business, and it’s vital to have measures in place to slow its spread, alert occupants and plan for a fire situation. 

Fire-rated glass should be a key part of your fire safety strategy, as its effects on slowing the spread of fire could potentially save lives. In this article, we’ll be looking at what fire-resistant glass is and how it can help your business stay safe. 

What is Fire-Rated Glass? 

Fire-rated glass, also called fire-resistant glass, is a specialist type of glass designed to be more resistant to heat than other glass types. It acts as a barrier to slow the spread of flames and smoke in a fire situation, ultimately resisting the effects of fire much longer than traditional glass. There are different types of fire-rated glass, and some may have an internal wire mesh frame which holds the glass together during fire, while other types are made with resins designed to be fire resistant. 

Where Should Fire-Rated Glass Be Used? 

Fire-resistant glass is beneficial to numerous commercial, industrial and domestic locations, but some key areas where fire-rated glass may be especially advantageous include: 

  • Fire Escape Routes: Escape routes should ideally be granted some more protection, and fire-rated glass doors along these routes stop the flames for a time period, this gives evacuees valuable minutes to vacate the building. 
  • Windows: Fire-rated glass windows can prevent flames, smoke and heat from leaving or entering a building.
  • Where Building Regulations Recommend It: Consult with the Building Regulations for your workplace or property. You must adhere to them to ensure the safety of the building. This may mean that fire-rated glass screen and fire-rated doors are best placed in areas where large groups of people gather or work, fire escape routes, staircases, and other areas specific to your building use or layout. 

5 Benefits of Fire-Rated Glass for a Business 

There are many reasons why fire-rated glass is important for businesses – here are a few: 

  • Can withstand heat: Thanks to its structure, fire-rated glass has superior strength compared to other glass types – this allows it to withstand high heat without shattering into dangerous shards. Its special design, whether through the resin-integrated glass or wire-mesh glass, means that it can withstand the temperatures commonly reached during a fire situation.
  •  Helps contain fire: As a form of ‘passive fire protection’, it’s designed to slow the spread of heat and flames by compartmentalising it using fire-rated glass doors, screens or windows. This gives evacuees the benefit of more time to escape the building. Insulative benefits: Some types of fire-rated glass have insulative abilities, helping defend against harsh heat as well as the flames and smoke. 
  • Protect people & assets: The ultimate benefit of fire-rated glass is that it enhances the fire safety of your building, protecting human lives. Also, by slowing the spread of fire to give the fire brigade more time to arrive, you are also protecting your assets inside the building and the building itself. 
  • Integrated into any home or business: Depending on the look and style of the glass, it can be easily integrated into any home or business without looking out of place, thanks to its versatility. 

In summary, fire-rated glass should go hand-in-hand with the rest of your fire safety enhancements, such as extinguishers, evacuation plans, sprinklers and other equipment. Get in touch with a specialist glass merchant to find out more. 

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