Wooden Balustrade vs. Glass Balustrades

Balustrades provide safety and structure for both interior environments and outdoor spaces. As well as their practical uses, they can also add a touch of beauty and elegance to your premises – whether that’s in homes or businesses.


Wooden balustrades are the traditional material used, though glass is now finding favour too, thanks to its sleek transparency which adds depth and spaciousness to any property – not to mention allowing natural sunlight to filter through. While wood creates a more ‘barrier-like’ quality, their glass counterparts blur the lines between spaces, creating a free-flowing, uninterrupted synergy between the divided areas.


Glass is easy to keep spotless and looking its absolute best – with just a little soapy water and a sponge, you can maintain the quality of glass balustrades for many years. Wood takes slightly more upkeep and protection – especially against splitting or moisture damage.


Wood has long been recognised as a high-strength material, used for its sturdy and solid nature. But glass also has a strength that makes it ideal for balustrades. Laminated and toughened, glass balustrades have the durability to withstand cracks and knocks, maintaining their quality long into the future.
If you’re searching for wooden balustrades in the Nottingham area, then consider what the glass alternatives can do for you. Here at Lee Glass we construct glass staircase and outdoor balustrades for a range of purposes and clients – get in touch to discuss your requirements.