Shower Curtain vs. Glass Shower Screen

If you’re choosing a new stylish shower curtain to complement your bathroom, it might be worth considering the durable, long-lasting alternative of a glass shower screen. These easy-clean screens will eliminate the need to constantly replace worn-out shower curtains.

What are the pros and cons?


The plastic of shower curtains makes them more liable to develop mould and grime – hand washing can only go so far, and eventually homeowners are forced to replace their old shower curtain with a new one. Glass shower screens are easy to wipe clean, staying spotless and resistant to dirt build-up well into the future.


Glass shower screens are a sleek, chic addition to your bathroom. Choose transparent screens to create an illusion of light and space, or select frosted or patterned glass for privacy – the beauty of glass shower screens lies with their customisable nature. Alternatively, shower curtains are also available in a wide range of patterns and colours, though the fit and finish will not be as polished as screens.


There is no doubt that shower curtains have a cheaper initial cost compared to glass screens – however, the continual hassle and cost of replacing shower curtains means that their price can stack up over the years. Investing in a glass shower screen rewards you with a long-lasting product that will be a permanent fixture of your bathroom.

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