Kitchen Tiles vs. Glass Splashbacks

Protecting your brand new kitchen from splashes and spills is vital to preserve its quality for years to come. Kitchen tiles are the traditional way to achieve this, while glass splashbacks are the sleek, contemporary alternative that has recently been finding favour in many homes.

So, how do these two solutions weigh up?


Keeping a kitchen clean and hygienic is a major concern for any homeowner. The easy-clean surface of a glass splashback allows any spills or marks to simply be wiped away using a little water and a cloth. Whilst tiles are also wipeable, keeping grime out of the grout is often an annoyance.


Tiles convey a traditional, classic look while glass splashbacks boast a more modern style. Splashbacks are also highly customisable, allowing you to opt for anything from polished glass to big, bold colours – size and shape can also be personalised with splashbacks, creating a truly made-to-measure option that fits perfectly in your kitchen.


The initial cost of tiles is cheaper than splashbacks, though the durability and longevity of splashbacks makes them worth spending that little bit extra. Kitchen tile suppliers can offer a variety of choices, materials and costs of tile, but all are essentially less durable than their splashback counterparts.

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