Switchable Glass

With over 50 years’ experience, here at Lee Glass and Glazing we specialise in manufacturing switchable glass for residential and commercial properties throughout the Nottinghamshire area.


Switchable glass boasts a wide range of benefits, including exceptional control over the light, privacy and heat in a room. It operates by turning from clear to opaque at the push of a button, eliminating the need for blinds or curtains. The convenience and accessibility of switchable glass has made it a popular choice for a variety of properties, from houses and apartments to offices and hotels. Applications include:

Residential – En-suite bathrooms, conservatories, doors, windows, porches

Commercial – Partitions, doors, windows, roof-lights, lift floors, walkways

Hospitality – Balustrades, roof-lights, meeting room partitions, toilet cubicles, balconies, rooftop terraces

Healthcare – ICU partitions, movable privacy screens, examination room screens, X-ray protection screens

Our expert technicians can even lay switchable glass underneath glass flooring to add a contemporary edge to traditional glass floors.

To find out more about how your property can benefit from switchable glass, view our downloads to read more about the specifications of our products, or simply contact our highly experienced team today.

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